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Program Summary Children learn in different ways, some learn from large group settings by watching, listening, and mimicking, while others learn from more intimate, small group, hands-on interactions.  Some children are more visual learners, while others are more auditory learners, and still others prefer a more tactile approach.  Some children thrive in a more structured environment, while others prefer a more free-flowing or spontaneous learning experience. Children will often change their preferences and benefit from different learning methods or environments at different times or during different tasks.  Gateway Academy offers a balanced structured blend of each of these approaches to learning. Our program is designed such that each classroom will not only allow for active exploration and child-initiated activities, but will also allow the teachers to guide and instruct children to further exploration in the various projects.  Our methods include but are not limited to teacher initiated group activities such as stories, games, songs, instruction, and circle time; one-on-one teacher and student interaction; child-initiated large and small group activities; and individual learning.  Whatever his/her learning preferences are, we ensure that your child’s experience will be hands-on, tangible, meaningful and fun. Please explore our Curriculum page for a brief overview featuring some of the highlights of our program.