Copyright © 2013 Gateway Academy Staff Information Gateway Academy Staff We believe that a child’s teacher is the most important asset in quality education.  Our staff is committed to providing a positive experience for each child, knowing the significant role they play in each student’s life. We believe that children have a natural and innate desire to learn about their world and it is up to us as educators to make the learning process exciting, tangible, and meaningful.  Our educators believe in this philosophy and are committed to quality teaching; making your child’s early learning experience both positive and engaging. Chino Campus Staff Ms. Nancy Rabensteine Director Ms. Aileen Vazquez Assistant Director TBD Kindergarten Lead Teacher Ms. Yesenia Gutierrez Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher Ms. Nicole Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Ms. Gigi Preschool (Juniors) Lead Teacher Ms. Amar Kaur Preschool (Bumble Bees) Lead Teacher TBD Preschool (Bumble Bees) Teacher Ms. Ana Preschool (Wiggle Worms) Lead Teacher